Southern Ohio Diving's step-by-step continuing eduction program permits students to take control of their own diving education at their own pace. Specialty classes are scheduled on an individual basis so we can be flexible and accommodate YOUR schedule. Multiple specialties may be completed in one session time permitting.

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SSI Levels of Education:

    Level One: Open Water Diver
    Level Two: Specialty Diver (12 Dives + 2 Specialties)
    Level Three: Advanced Diver (24 Dives + 4 Specialties)
    Level Four: Master Diver (50 Dives +4 Specialties + Diver Stress & Rescue)
    Level Five: Century Diver (100 Total Dives)
    Level Six: 200 Total Dives
    Level Seven: 300 Total Dives
    Level Eight: Gold Diver (500 Total Dives)
    Level Nine: Platinum Diver (1000 Total Dives)
    Level Ten: Platinum Pro Diver (5000 Total Dives)