• North Carolina 2023

North Carolina 2023

SEPTEMBER 18-22, 2023

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$925.00* - 5 Full Day Dive Trip.  Due at sign up.

Full Day Dive Trip consists of two dives, at one or two locations determined the morning of the dives in accordance with weather/sea conditions and customer preference. Bottom times are dictated by no-decompression limits. 

Please arrive at the dive shop at 6:00 am on the day of your dive trip for check-in.

Depths: 90' - 120'

Possible Sites: U-352, Papoose, Schurz, Aeolus, Spar, Caribsea, Atlas...

Breakdown of Typical Dive Day…

Check-in time for Full Day Dive Trip is 6 a.m. at the Dive Shop.

6:00am – Checking In at the Dive Shop**: 
•    Waivers are filled out, Certification Cards and logbooks are checked. Don’t forget your Nitrox C-card, if you are planning on diving Nitrox. 
•    Tank rentals and equipment rentals take place, if needed. Divers analyze their tanks. All rental equipment and tanks are sanitized by our staff members. 
•    Please have all your dive gear (excluding tanks) inside a gear bag or bin upon boarding the dive boat. We ask that each diver fully assemble their equipment so that we ensure that nothing is left behind. Please do not touch other diver’s gear.
•    A note about nitrox, with depths ranging from 90-120 feet, we bank 30% nitrox. Divers are more than welcome to dive either air or nitrox, depending on certification. 
•    If you would like to drop by the shop the night before to fill out waivers and load your tanks (no dive gear)… please feel free.
•    We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle.
•    Please remember to bring a towel, snacks and/or lunch.

After Departure – Briefing**:
•    Safety briefing takes place while underway. Although we have tried and tried, we cannot control the weather, currents, or visibility. We do not pre-determine our dive sites. 
•    The sites are chosen the day of the dive trip based on what conditions allow.  We can NOT guarantee a dive on the U-352 or a wreck with sharks. Expect about a 2 hour ride to our planned dive sites.  
•    Marine Head – Please remember that no paper towel products or wipes are to be placed in the toilet. There is a trash can in the bathroom for those products. Toilet Paper ONLY in the marine head.
•    Please do not spit in your mask or on the deck of the boat. If you do not have defog solution, we have spray bottles on board. There will be NO communal mask rinse bucket. We have jugs of water to splash into your dive masks if needed.
•    Upon arrival to the dive site, a detailed site briefing is given by the captain. 
•    After dive 1, we will do a 1 ½ - 2-hour surface interval. Divers change tanks and relax. 
•    We will either change sites or stay on the same site, depending on the day. 
•    The captain will give a detailed site briefing for dive 2. 
•    After the dive, we begin the 1 ½ - 2 hour return trip to the dock.

2:00/3:00pm - Upon Returning to the Dock**:
•    ALL dive equipment and tanks must be removed from the boat to allow the crew to properly sanitize and disinfect the boat for the next dive trip.
•    We recommend that each diver bring a personal Rubbermaid/bin/tub to store their dive equipment overnight in their car or hotel room.
•    Divers are given the opportunity to pay for tank fills if they brought their own tanks or pay for tank rentals for the following day. Please return rental tanks or your personal tanks to be filled to the appropriate Fill Box (White for Air and Green for Nitrox).
•    Only Scuba Tanks will be allowed to be loaded on the boat for the following day after the boat has been scrubbed and disinfected.
•    We will have three rinse bins set up for rinsing and disinfecting dive gear. Bin #1 will have a light disinfecting solution and Bine #2 & #3 will be freshwater. All divers should sanitize their dive equipment, especially masks, snorkels, whistles, orally inflated SMB’s, BCD oral inflators, and second stages of regulators.
•    All Olympus Dive Center rental dive equipment is disinfected immediately upon return.

Minimum Requirements for a Full Day Dive Trip:
•    Advanced Open Water Certified
•    Nitrox Certified
•    Minimum of 25 Logged Dives
•    Two Boat Ocean Dives in their Diving career
•    Two Dives to 70 feet or greater
•    Two Dives in the Last 12 Months
•    Minimum Age – 15 years old

Required and Recommended Equipment:
In addition to the basic scuba equipment, all divers are required to have BCD, Regulator, Octo, and Dive Computer. Please check with your divers to make sure that they are aware of how the computer functions as well as how to set the computer for appropriate mix. In addition, having the computer manual with them on the dive boat is always advised. Weights ARE included in the charter prices.

Minimum safety equipment recommendation is a surface marker buoy suitable for diving in the ocean. Neon yellow is best for our area. A whistle or audible alarm is also a very good idea.

If you are prone to sea sickness, please make sure to take something for it the night before the dive trip so that the medication has a chance to work its way into your system. There are a few things that you can take on the spot to help ease comfort and we have those available in our dive shop.

We do have a freshwater shower onboard, as well as a microwave, television, fresh water, and ample cooler space. Food and drinks are not provided on our dive vessels, so you’ll need to make arrangements for that ahead of time. There are a few delis and grocery stores around town where you can get pre-made items. We would also recommend bringing a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and they may want a dry change of clothes.

Our water temperatures are in the mid to upper 70’s during our summer months. Most people are comfortable in a 3mm suit.

Tank rentals, Fills, Rental Gear and Crew Gratuities are NOT included in the Dive Trip price. Weights are Included.

Rental Pricing:    Aluminum 80 (Air)                                   $8.00
Aluminum 100 (Air)                                 $12.00
Aluminum or Steel 80 cf (EAN)             $18.00
Aluminum or Steel 100+ cf (EAN)         $21.00
Weights                                                     Included with charter
Regulator System w/ SPG                       $17.00
BCD w/ Power Inflator                            $17.00
Wetsuit 3mm or 5mm                             $17.00
Nitrox Dive Computer                             $22.00

Fill Pricing:        Air Fill (up to 99 cu ft)            $8
(Your Tank)        Air Fill (100+ cu ft)                $9
            Nitrox 30% (up to 99 cu ft)            $14
            Nitrox 30% (100+ cu ft)            $16

Olympus Dive Center
713 Shepard Street
Morehead City, NC 28557

*All prices are cash or check, add 3% for Credit Card. Travel insurance and dive insurance is highly recommended!

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