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Underwater Photography -

This programs teaches the skills and concepts required to successfully capture amazing underwater photos and videos.

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The underwater world is a place of incredible seascapes, with rocks, sand and reefs filled with the most amazing creatures on the planet. As a scuba diver, it can be hard to describe everything you’ve seen, especially to non-diving friends and relatives, or even to remember all the wonderful encounters on your diving adventures. Underwater digital photography and videography takes those fabulous memories and makes them into something permanent that you can enjoy and share for a lifetime.

Considering the many advantages that digital shooting has to offer, it is not surprising that many scuba divers take to it like a fish to water. It can be a bit challenging taking photos and videos underwater, but it also can be extremely rewarding. In this program you will be taught everything you need to know to begin capturing underwater digital images, and, with some practice, take some amazing pictures and videos.

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